Dear Andy & Frankie,

I can not thank you enough for our first delivery last weekend, other than point out that I have just placed another order for this weekend.

Frankie, I know that I spoke to you yesterday regarding our first order But I felt that I wanted to put into words my appreciation of your food.

I am a fully qualified chef (C&G 706/1 &2) 20+ years in the industry inc. the British Army. But have long left to love computers and all things IT.

So bearing in mind the above, I think I can say with great confidence, Andy your food was marvellous, it was seasoned to perfection. To be able to get each and every (dish) container perfect is a real gift. You sir, have it in spades.

I have ordered another batch of takeaway meals for this weekend and my family and I look forward to our delivery on Friday.

I wish you both all the very best.

Kindest Regards