About Meek's Catering Company

Food Hygiene Rating 5Since a young boy I have always enjoyed cooking and being in the kitchen helping mum whenever she was baking…normally by licking the spoons & eating the cake mixtures! I always got under her feet making a mess and getting food up the walls, but I think overall she was glad of the help!

During my last couple of years of school life, I took on a part-time job as a kitchen porter in a busy local restaurant. I’d wash up as fast as I could so the head chef would hopefully give me some food preparation jobs to do. This way I could learn some of the basic knife skills and food preparation techniques I would need to become a chef.

When leaving school in 1996 it was a natural progression for me to go to college and study Catering and Hospitality. I was taught the craft of cooking at Pembrokeshire college under the watchful eye of my lecturer Philip Corp. He was a larger than life character who towered over the whole brigade. He was as wide as he was tall!!!
Everything I was shown and taught by him and his team had to be prepared and cooked to military precision. God help you if you or your section were not organised and ready for service, you may just get a saucepan wrapped around the back of your head 🙂 !!!

Some of his final words to me before leaving were, “ Meek always remember the seven P’s…..Preparation and Proper Planning Prevents P**s Poor Performance!

With those sentiments ringing in my ears and after completing and passing the two year intense course, I made the big decision to up sticks and leave home to work at the Oxford belfry under Head Chef Robert Hubbard, and start my career as a Professional Chef.

After 10 years of working in restaurants, gastro pubs, and fine dining hotels such as “The Bibury Court” in the Cotswolds under Head Chef Tom Bridgeman and “The Old Manse Hotel under Head Chef Peter Lopian I took on my first head chef role at “The Spread Eagle Inn” in the breathtaking Stourhead estate in Wiltshire.

Here I met my beautiful wife Frankie and we settled down in Shaftesbury for 6 years, before finally making the move to live in Gillingham, Dorset towards the end of 2014 & start our family!

I have always had the desire to one day start up my own catering business and this year, have turned that dream into a reality by launching Meek’s Catering Company. 

Andrew Meek

Experienced Caterer providing event catering in Gillingham, Shaftesbury, Salisbury, Dorset, Wiltshire & Somerset.