Hello Andrew,

Huge apologies for being so late in thanking you so much for the lunch on the 31st. – it was fantastic, mainly thanks to you and Frankie.

William so enjoyed it and our friends were full of praise for you and I have given your details to two people so I hope you get more work.

The food was superb and you are obviously very talented – I would love your recipe for the lemon roulade which you are probably not going to give me but I promise not to tell anyone and anyway when you are on TV as a chef which you could well be you will have to give all your recipes to the nation !!!

Please thank Frankie, she worked very hard and was so nice, you make a fantastic team. I hope our paths cross again in the future. – we have a 40th wedding anniversary coming up so you never know…

with all good wishes and kind regards

Jane Stafford-Wood